About Us

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Marshalls is a Private University listed on the Ghana Stock Exchange.

Marshalls had accreditation from The Ghana Tertiary Education Commission formally  The National Accreditation Board (NAB) to operate as a tertiary institution from 1st September, 2012. It is affiliated to the University of Cape Coast, Ghana, OTHM Qualifications UK and Microsoft Technology Academy in the USA.

Marshalls currently has four Schools, namely J.S. Addo Business School (JSABS), the School of Modern Languages (SML), the School of Arts and Social Sciences (SASS) and Marshalls School of Technology (SOT).


We also have Marshalls School of fashion accredited by the Commission for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (CTVET)

The Business School has four Programmes namely, Bachelor of Science in Accounting, Bachelor of Science in Banking and Finance, Bachelor of Science in Human Resources Management and Bachelor of Science in Marketing Management.

The School of Modern Languages has two programmes namely; Bachelor of Arts in English and Bachelor of Arts in French.

Our Vision

To be the unique institution that produces devout, well-grounded, well-rounded persons who respond to the current and future needs of humanity.

Goals of Academic Foundation

All institutions of higher education provide their students with an opportunity to learn.

At Marshalls we espouse a practical approach to learning. We believe that the most important thing to learn is, how to learn. Therefore, we believe that an educated person should have awareness in some depth of the methods and results of various ways to acquire and organize knowledge adding to the diversity that comes with learning.

The student should gain some understanding of how this knowledge, its acquisition and organization relate to the goals of our diverse society and other cultures. We believe a university should enhance its students’ abilities to understand themselves and interact with others as well as provide them with essential skills for individual growth and the pursuit of a rewarding career. We are concerned with their development as persons able and willing to act ethically on the basis of considered value judgments.

Want to apply for our UK Accredited Programmes

Looking to study an OTHM qualification? Whether you’re currently employed or looking to work or enhance your existing knowledge and skills, we have a number of qualifications that will allow you to go ahead of the competition in an increasingly challenging job market.