Leadership (2021-2022)

Stephen Cobbinah

Student Executive President

Stephen Cobbinah is a final year Student pursuing Human Resource Management. His competence and efficiency, coupled with a great deal of experience is evident in his exemplary leadership skills. Leading the entire student body, while motivating teams within the student community to achieve a common goal is what drives him as the President of the Marshalls Association of Students Affairs (M. A. S. A.).


His heartbeat is to see Marshalls succeed, and to, as quickly as possible, attain her rightful place among the leading tertiary institutions in the world. He works daily with the management of the Institution to make this dream a reality.


His aspiration to become a professional HR manager is evident in his outstanding human relation and communication skills, coupled with volunteer service to the Marshalls Community and beyond. He is passionate about development through creativity, innovation and possibilities, thus buying into the "Think Innovation, Think Possibilities" maxim of Marshalls University.




Boafo Yeboah Prince Yaw

Student Vice President Executive

I am Boafo Yeboah Prince Yaw. I attended Mfantsipim School in the Central Region of Ghana, and continued at Meridian Pre-University - Ghana's first Pre-University. I am currently a level 400 student reading marketing at Marshalls Univesity college, where I serve the Marshalls Association of Students Affairs (M. A. S. A.) and Marshalls College as the Vice President.


I am a very passionate and industrious young man, with honesty and integrity as my hallmark. I love playing lawn tennis because of the moral lesson it teaches; that in life, it is not about trying to reach a finish line the fastest, or performing a routine to perfection, but it is about constantly critiquing your own game and taking sole responsibility for the outcome in your life, while simultaneously, responding to your other indicators.


What inspires me most is  rendering a worthy service to mankind, no matter the service. If l am to sum up what drives me into a single word, it would be the word PASSION. Why? Because I believe it takes passion to go the extra mile, and to achieve the best outcome in everything l do.


Finally, I hope to be a renowned marketer; a solid and morally upright entrepreneur, and a very generous philanthropist, who gives to support the less privileged, and for other worthwhile ventures.

Godwin Weimudia Kayasa

Activities Chair Executive

Godwin Weimudia Kayasa is a level 400 Accounting student at Marshalls University College. He serves the Marshalls Association of Students Affairs (M. A. S. A.) as the Financial Secretary.

He is an eager and inventive young person, and like to execute his assignments with the soundness and reliability of an accounting professional.


He loves dialoguing with great minds, to get answers to phenomenal questions. His philosophy is that, "life isn't about showing an ultimate objective the fastest, or playing your game, day by day, faultlessly. But, it is about ceaselessly critiquing your own game, and taking sole responsibility for the outcomes; while simultaneously responding to various pointers".


What moves him more than any other thing, is when he is able to convey a praiseworthy assistance to people in his space.

The single word that sums up all of the traits that drives him to go beyond all the assumptions of his naysayers, is the word SUCCESS.


Finally, he petitions God daily for help to be a huge SUCCESS at whatever he does for his colleagues, college and mankind.



Rita Mensah

Women's Commissioner

Rita Mensah is a student at the J. S. Addo Business School studying Human Resource Management. She serves Marshalls Association of Students Affairs (M. A. S. A.) in her  capacity as the Women's Commissioner.


She consider herself as an extrovert leader, and an easy-going lady, who loves interacting with people, and always ready to listen to all who come to her with their complaints. Her  pleasant natural  disposition helps her to adjudicate her cases with firmness and fairness.

Her skills are geared towards Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Human Management.


Her ability to communicate and make people smile makes her very charismatic. Consequently, she is able to get things done easily through people.


Finally, Rita is very passionate about her university, and so, she has resolved to lead the students in her position as Women's Commissioner with excellence and determination, most especially, the awesome ladies of Marshalls University College.



Eloheeka Naa Tagoe

Activities Chair Executive

Eloheeka Naa Tagoe is a final year student, currently pursuing a degree in Human Resource Management. She is one of the top students in her department.


She is an aspiring human resource manager, keenly interested in employee relations.

She is a very resourceful individual who is ethical, and has the ability to adapt to change and works under pressure. Also, she is able to multi-task, and always eager to take on new challenges.


In her spare time, Eloheeka enjoys trying out new cooking recipes and reading. She’s been an avid reader of good books. It is for the later, that she is a student-worker at the Mother Mary Library of Marshalls College.


Finally, her ability to think out-of- the box; her attention to detail, eagerness to learn; her ability to manage her time and meeting goals, makes her the best at anything she does. But more importantly, she drives herself to achieve results and consistently focuses on self improvement.



Prince Adu

Student Chief Justice

Prince Adu is a graphic designer by profession, who is currently studying Marketing at Marshalls University College and in his final year. He serves the Marshalls Association of Students Affairs (M. A. S. A.) in the capacity of the Chief Justice.


He possesses very rich experience, and very skilled in his art which is evident in the eye-catching creations of the design works he offers as volunteer service to this esteemed university. His passion for excellence as an entrepreneur is his main driver for pursing this programme.


He believes that integrating marketing with his passion for design is key in making good business decisions. His journey through Marshalls so far has been so refreshing. The knowledge and skills gained have opened him up to a future of endless possibilities.



Mavis Asante

Student Deputy Chief Executive

I am Mavis Asante, a Ghanaian and the Deputy Chief Justice of the Marshalls Association of Students Affairs (M. A. S. A.). l am a very proactive young lady, and loves interacting and networking with people everywhere.

Also, l love to learn. In fact, l am a fast learner; always yearning to learn more and to keep abreast with current trends, especially technological trends - considering the fast pace at which technological advancements, globally  is going nowadays.


I am passionate about Culinary Art, Hospitality and Tourism, hence my enrollment into Marshalls University College as a student to pursue a degree in Bsc. Hospitality Management. I am currently at level 400.


Every time I get the opportunity, l grab it, if it is to improve my communication, problem solving and leadership skills. These skills have helped me greatly in life, and l believe they would continue to be helpful to me and others, as l hone them daily.


Finally, my aim is to become a prominent entrepreneur in the hospitality and skill training ecosystems, because I strongly believe that these achievements would help me transform the less privileged, and to enable them make ends meet.



Faith Isha Jeng

Student Electoral Commissioner Executive

Faith Isha Jeng is an outgoing  person who relates well with others.

She is a travel consultant. She loves traveling and socializing with people .


Due to this, she is able to appreciate the different opinions of others and also foster togetherness among people.


She is passionate about self development and learning new things.


Finally, she is the Electoral Commissioner, and a level 400 student reading Hospitality Management.



Diana Akua Asemnyra

Student Deputy Chief Executive

Diana Akua Asemnyra is  a quiet person by nature.


She is however a talkative when around people she is comfortable with.


Diana loves reading, dancing and making inspirational videos. She is good at listening and transcribing and this helps her to diligently perform her role as the Secretary-general of

M. A. S. A.


Diana is a final year student pursuing a degree in Hospitality Management.




Contact Info

P. O. Box KB781 Korle-Bu , Accra-Ghana Campus

+233-575-161-005, +233-242-561-005


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