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To be the unique institution that produces devout, well-grounded, well-rounded persons who respond to the current and future needs of humanity.


1. To apply Christian values and an integrated, moral -based tertiary education to meet the needs of Africa and the world as a whole.

2. To produce graduates who will meet the challenges of their time and beyond, whilst serving as positive influence in their society.

3. To recruit and retain well-trained and motivated members of staff, who will act as agents of change and innovation to help achieve our vision.


The aims of the University College shall be as follows:

a. To provide adequate resources for quality university education, training, research and consultancy based on biblical concepts and values.

b. To provide, together with other institutions, academic leadership to Africa and the World so as to address, through research, education, and consultation, the socio-economic and political problems of society and those challenges unique to the universal Church of Christ.

c. To provide students with a balanced educational programme that will help them develop and broaden their perception of life and the challenges faced by society.

d. To develop a holistic approach to problem solving and provide an enabling environment for students and staff to develop their full potential.

e. To equip students to personally commit themselves to social change through innovation, inspired leadership and deeper faith in Jesus Christ.

f. To play an effective role in the development and expansion of Christian university education in Africa and the World through exchange of ideas and resources.

g. To admit candidates adjudged by the Senate as being academically qualified. Such candidates should accept the University’s Christian mission and philosophy. To study for degrees, diplomas, certificates or other awards of the University, without regard or preference to gender, ethnic origin, race or physical disability.

In seeking to achieve its aims and objectives, the University College shall:

a) Provide a wide range of educational activities in an enabling environment to ensure that students acquire the necessary technological know-how required for national development.

b) Collaborate with relevant industry/place of work, professional bodies religious, civil, public, and private sector authorities for the development, implementation and review of training packages.

c) Offer courses of study leading to Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate degrees. Within the period of commencement of programmes of study, the degrees shall be jointly awarded by Marshalls University College and the University of Cape Coast, Ghana.

d) Work towards establishing linkages with local or international institutions for collaborative efforts towards enhancement of education and extension of knowledge.

e) Sponsor or encourage the publication of results of studies or research work which are of academic or practical value.


All institutions of higher education provide their students with an opportunity to learn.

At Marshalls University we espouse a liberal arts philosophy. We believe that the most important thing to learn is how to learn; therefore, we believe that an educated person should have awareness in some depth of the methods and results of various ways to acquire and organize knowledge: artistic, scientific, and philosophical.

The student should gain some understanding of how this knowledge, its acquisition and organization relate to the goals of our diverse society and other cultures. We believe a university should enhance its students’ abilities to understand themselves and interact with others as well as provide them with essential skills for individual growth and the pursuit of a rewarding career. We are concerned with their development as persons able and willing to act ethically on the basis of considered value judgments.

Vision,Objectives & Core Values

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Marshalls University College is accredited by The National Accreditation Board, University of Cape Coast  and Microsoft Technology Academy

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