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The Information Laboratories at Marshalls University College are called the Brian Boxes. The Brian Boxes are in the Mother Mary Library and are among the most popular hotspots on the campus for our students.

Instant access to our fast internet facility in an attractive, interactive information-rich setting. The language Laboratory features a wall-mounted TV/Video screen that can display feeds from cable channels or video images from workstations. Students can listen in on any TV monitor by way of a headset plugged into the wireless Audio Transceiver positioned at each workstation site. Designated computers are equipped for animation, statistical analysis, CAD/CAM and other specialized applications to enable students to communicate with themselves and the outside world.


Marshalls University College lecture halls could pass for a Digital Lecture Hall, fully wired facilities that provides student with internet connectivity. Each of the 120- seater lecture halls is wired remotely for data accessibility. In our lecture halls it is possible project overhead slides and high resolution photography, and there is a Smart board capable of direct access, electronic storage and projection in all our lecture halls. The audiovisual components are capable of DVD viewing and theatre room presentation of Web offerings and touch screen capabilities. Our digital Projectors provide 'cinema'- quality video and studio quality sound in the Language Laboratory and lecture halls. Our multi-cultural environment gives you the opportunity to get some insights about other cultural influences and also learn to be more open minded as an individual.


Marshalls University College adopts the use of Biometrics- Finger Print for her library services. Biometrics is a system for measuring unique biological traits for the purpose of identification. Users of the Mother Mary Library will have to biometric for their details every time they access the Mother Mary Library.


It is a long standing tradition of our institutions to use the biometric machine to record students' attendance at examinations, quizzes, seminars, lectures, and other gatherings. The same is sometimes used for our lecturers' attendance to help monitor whether they indeed attend lectures or not. Marshalls University College has accepted the use of Biometrics- Finger Print for her record students' attendance at examinations, quizzes, seminars, lectures, and other gatherings


Also Marshalls University College adopts the use of Biometrics- Finger Print for her students' elections. During SRC elections, on Election day, students will have the opportunity to choose their leaders by simply thumb printing on the Biometric machines and at the end of the day the candidate with the majority vote will be declared the winner.


Users of Marshalls University College facilities (that is, Students, visitors and staff) should note that the CCTV cameras, placed at vantage points on University campus help keep you secured and monitor the movements on campus of unscrupulous characters. These CCTVs are only placed at public areas and the university offices for surveillance and security purposes. Therefore any suspicious movements or indisciplined acts that breach University ethics or policies must be avoided. There are not CCTVs in the washrooms and hostel rooms; these areas are considered private areas.


At Marshalls University it is possible to invigilate all our examinations, quizzes, and test by remote control. By the efficient use of technology, this is very possible at Marshalls University College. This would render our examinations results more transparent and credible, and eventually making the degrees that are awarded to our students even more authentic.

Technology On campus

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Marshalls University College is accredited by The National Accreditation Board, University of Cape Coast  and Microsoft Technology Academy

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