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THE CROSS: To us at Marshalls, the Cross stands for our faith in the principles and the gospel of Jesus Christ. Marshalls places great emphasis on our faith in Jesus Christ and strives to make Him and His principles the center of the things we say and do. In short, The Cross is the centerpiece of Marshalls University’s existence.

THE SWORD WITH EAGLE’S WINGS: represents the word of God which is the Truth. The Truth is what sets us free. Truth is a liberating and an offensive weapon. We would be using the sword which is the Truth to attack ignorance, illiteracy, poverty, diseases, old, outdated and unprofitable traditions that hold our progress back. The falsehood concerning these inhibiting elements would have to be brought swiftly under oppression by a sword (the Truth) borne on eagles wings.

THE ADINKRA SYMBOL:The Adinkra symbol is called “AYA” or “Fern” which is a symbol of endurance and resourcefulness. The fern is a hardy plant that can grow in difficult places. "An individual who wears this symbol suggests that he has endured many adversities, outlasted many difficulties, and has prevailed." The Aya symbol epitomizes our symbol of endurance, resourcefulness and ‘Africanness’.

THE THREE CANDLE STAND is a light-giving instrument representing the Light and Life giving nature of our University. The three branches represent the three elements that give Light and Life to mankind which are Knowledge, Wisdom and Understanding. Marshalls University shall be the light and life of our communities, our nations, Africa and the world.

THE SCIENCE APPARATUS represents our scientific research approach to discovering and solving problems; our entrepreneurial and industrial nature; the quest for technological advancement that Marshalls University is determined to bring to the world; and our pursuit to be relevant in every generation. Marshalls University strives at every point in time to make scientific research, innovative thinking and possibilities in technological development a guiding principle.

THE UNBROKEN TRIPLE-BRAIDED CORD The element that holds all the six major elements in the Marshalls University Symbol is a triple-braided cord. A triple-braided cord is not easily broken. “A person standing alone can be attacked and overpowered. Two can defend themselves but a cord of three strands is stronger than a single strand”, the Bible says. This triple-braided cord represents love that binds us together. Marshalls stands for one another and defend one another. Marshalls show love to one another. Showing love to one another, our communities, and our nations can only make us stronger.

THE BLACK AND GOLD GEARS symbolizes connection and synchronization of Marshalls University College with society and nature. Marshalls takes the good and excellent cultural practices of our society and imbibes them in the things we do as a University, while we consciously and cautiously transmit to our society our rich culture in the hope of creating a society that is synchronized with itself in every sphere of endeavor.


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