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Academic Support

Coming from work, school or back into education after time away, moving to that more independent way of studying and learning can and most often takes time to get used to. At Marshalls University, that is why we have staff across all departments in the university to help all our students make this move to university study as smooth as possible. We would help you settle in to your course and to explore new and innovative ways of studying and to see the new possibilities in learning.

Academic Coaching and Counseling Sessions

A confidential Coaching and Counseling Session is available for each of our students. All you have to do is go through the Dean of Students’ Office to arrange of a day and time. Every information shared during this sessions should be confidential and by a professional counselor. Academic counseling is also done every semester to help our students keep focus.

Some of the specific responsibilities of academic counselors include but are not limited to:

• Assistance with goal setting

• Assistance with personal growth and career development

• Selection of educational programme

• Monitoring academic progress

• Clarification of academic and institutional policies

• Assistance with academic issues

• Assistance with personal concerns which has a bearing on your academic performance

• Navigation within the campus environment

• Assistance with campus resource identification & utilization

Career Services

The Students Support Services Center of Marshalls University provides vibrant career and professional development services that search, grooms, empowers, and links students, employers, and the university community in the career development process. The Support Services Center programmes and services are designed to assist all Marshalls University students and alumni who wish to take advantage of available resources and coaching services.

The Support Services Center’s official web page is a comprehensive career development portal that offers job listings, information and resources on how to prepare for today’s job market, and online information guides that can be downloaded on top employers, industries, and job market trends and expectations.

Events & Activities

Included in the Support Services Center’s line-up of exciting events are: the Career Fairs, Career Emphasis Weeks, Career Fest, Employers’ Information Sessions, Professional Development workshops taught by corporate, government and non-profit executives and Networking Receptions.

These sessions are an excellent opportunity to review individual career and professional development strategies, explore career interest and job market trends and expectations, and receive assistance on writing and developing job search tools such as resumes, cover letters, thank-you letters, and graduate school admissions essays and personal statements.


Find information on costs, occupation types, completion rates, for all programs at

Marshalls University College is accredited by The National Accreditation Board, University of Cape Coast  and Microsoft Technology Academy

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