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Marshalls University College is accredited by The National Accreditation Board, University of Cape Coast  and Microsoft Technology Academy

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The Marshalls University Library is known as the Mother Mary Library. It is the central resource unit which fulfills the need of providing authentic information for the University's students, instructors, researchers and other employees as well as the people of the community within which we operate. The library facilities are opened first of all to our students, teaching and non-teaching staff, then to the public as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility.

The policies set out in this handbook and that of the Library Handbook apply for all material borrowed from the Mother Mary Library. By using a library card issued by the Marshalls University Library, a binding agreement is made to follow these rules.

The policies can be changed and such changes will be in effect from the date given in the new policy document.

Opening Hours

The physical library runs from Mondays to Saturdays. The physical library operates from 8:00am to 8:00pm, on week days and on Saturdays it opens at 9:00am and closes at 5:00 pm.

The elibrary however runs 24/7 on the World Wide Web- which means you can access the Mother Mary Library, anywhere at any time. Marshalls University Students can assess and read all books on their Smart Phones, iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, at any time. For up to date information about opening hours of the Library please see the Library web page at

Accessing Mother Mary Library

A patron can access the Physical library resources with the help of a biometric device or where necessary, the Library card or students ID card. Each student shall also have a unique code that would allow him/her access the elibrary at every point in time.

Use of the Mother Mary Library

1. Except on the days on which it is to be closed under Regulations 2 and 3 of the Marshalls Statute, the Library shall be opened for at least six hours on Saturdays and at least ten hours on other days. Subject to this regulation the hours of opening may be determined from time to time by the Committee.

2. The Library shall be closed on the following days:

Sundays throughout the year; Christmas Eve and the following days up to and including the New Year, public holidays, Good Friday and the three following days;

3. The Library shall be closed every year for two weeks, one month before the beginning of the first semester, for the purpose of an annual inspection and the preparation of lists of missing books. No books shall be taken out of the Library during this period. The e-library however will run.

On Wednesday 12th March,2014, the General Manager of the Holiday Inn Hotel.Mr Bruce Potter, visited Marshalls University College to familiarize himself with the operations of……Read More

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