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Marshalls University is a member of CARLIGH - the organisation which provides electronic library facilities for most of the universities in Ghana.

Besides the CARLIGH membership, Marshalls University has her own elibrary database and physical book storage. The Marshalls elibrary is called 'Read As You Go'. 'Read As You Go' is a secured internet database portal which hold thousands of eBooks and can be accessed and used by more than one million students at a time.

All our students require is a password and a username and so long as their iPhone, laptop, iPad, iPod, Blackberry, Samsung Galaxy, Android phones, and other smart phones or PDA's is supported with internet and world wide web connectivity, they could access the library and read as they go, which means, read in the buses, at the market, in your bedroom, on the farm, and on holiday. There is no limit to where you could read. You do not need to be present at our campus to read a book.


Access to Wireless Internet Marshalls runs on a dual system when it comes to our internet services to the university community. We have our offices, Faculty Carrels and Brain Boxes wired with network cables for those who would like to access the internet via our network system. On the other hand, those who have wireless network connections too could access the internet via our wireless system which is able could access the internet via our wireless system which is able to cover a wide radius and can over 300 PCs at the same time.


With our fast internet service, students are able to get fast internet service with up to 1MB/sec of Internet speed per user. This makes browsing easy and interesting. It facilitates


Students get to access thousands of free e-book collections in and around the school campus with just a click of a mouse. With varies of books available, students will be able to get access and read books from their Laptop, iPad, Mobile Phones, PDA, etc.


Our state of the art website will give you all the information that an existing or prospective student needs. Our stakeholders would find our website very rich, interactive and informative.


Most of our student support services are digitalized. Students of Marshalls University are able to do almost all the things which would make them queue for hours on the internet. With our online transactions platform, students are able to gain access to information which could be electronically generated and printed instantly, instead of going all way to the school to request for them.

“ Read as you GO “

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Marshalls University College is accredited by The National Accreditation Board, University of Cape Coast  and Microsoft Technology Academy

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