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A Club, Group or Team Sport is an organized student sports team registered with the Marshalls University which has been organized by individuals motivated by a common interest. Club teams vary in focus and activities. A club, group or team may be oriented toward any or all of the following: oriented toward any or all of the following: competition, teaching, training, recreation, or socialization.


"Marshalls has something for everyone". From individual sports and outdoor activities to general interest and cultural societies, Marshalls' students activities range widely from Art Club to Zoo Society, to playing competitive sports.

Because Marshalls University College is an international University and our Clubs and Societies reflect that. From specific groups such as the Swimming Club to more general groups such as the International Exchange Foreign Programmes (IEFP) and Amnesty International you will feel right at home if you are an international student. Marshalls University College Clubs, Groups and Teams – Join our Squad. Students are encouraged to join at least one of the following Clubs, Groups or Teams.

Join any of these Clubs, Groups or Teams

Club house

Find information on costs, occupation types, completion rates, for all programs at

Marshalls University College is accredited by The National Accreditation Board, University of Cape Coast  and Microsoft Technology Academy

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