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Marshalls University College is accredited by The National Accreditation Board, University of Cape Coast  and Microsoft Technology Academy

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We living in exciting moments at Marshalls University College, the reason is that, Marshalls University has partnered with Microsoft to … Read More

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Living on Marshalls Campus

Marshalls University has very limited room spaces for our students. Allocations of rooms are purely on the first come first served based. We however have other residential arrangement for our students where we monitor the standards to be sure they meet Marshalls University health and safety standards. There are a number of cafes around the university campus. Students can also make use of the Shops, Pubs, and Eateries that are a short distance away.

Renting A Flat Or House

There are several Marshalls University students who find renting of flats or houses for accommodations purposes the most prudent thing to do. Should you find some like-minded students, you could rent a flat or house and share the cost. You could do this through the dean of students for proper tenancy agreements to be signed in the interest of our student. This is to make sure no landlord or landlady gives a Marshalls’ student a ‘raw deal’.

Cultural Environment

Ghanaians are generally very welcoming, friendly and hospitable. This is what is proverbially known as the ‘Ghanaian hospitality’. This proverbially Ghanaian hospitality is given a deeper meaning at Marshalls University College. At Marshalls, you get to find people from different countries which give us a nice multi-cultural environment to learn and work. We believe in a friendly but firm and disciplined work and studying environment as inspired by our insatiable quest to being the unique institution that produces devout, well grounded, well rounded persons who respond to the current and future needs of humanity.

Our multi-cultural environment gives you the opportunity to get some insights about other cultural influences and also learn to be more open minded as an individual.

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