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The objective of the orientation programme is to facilitate a smooth transition for fresh students into their academic and community life at Marshalls University. The programme includes academic advising, course registration, and a number of workshops and other sessions, as well as social and spiritual experiences to help you to be successful both academically and personally.


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Marshalls University College is accredited by The National Accreditation Board, University of Cape Coast  and Microsoft Technology Academy

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Freshmen would be matriculated into Marshalls University College after they have successfully applied to read a programme. This is the official initiation or formal enrollment process of adding the names of Freshmen to the list of students of Marshalls University College to read different degree programmes. This ceremony affords the Freshman the right and status of the student of Marshalls University College. A freshman who is not matriculated would not be admitted into a degree programme.  Marshalls University Students who matriculate must sign the Matriculation Register as proof of their Studentship.


If any matriculated student wishes to resign his or her membership of Marshalls University College and so informs the Registry, and if the Academic Board deems the reasons given sufficient and decides to allow such resignation, that student's name shall be removed from the list of members of the University at the next publication of the list, and any name so removed shall be reinstated only in accordance with a subsequent decision of the Academic Board which shall not be taken until a period of two (2) years has elapsed from the date of removal.


Marshalls University College graduation is a period of conferring and receiving of academic degrees. This is the period where students of Marshalls University College become Graduates. On this day, there would be a procession of the Board of Governors, Academic Board, Faculty and the Graduates.


All procession members MUST wear Academic Dress (Academic Gowns) at these formal ceremonies (Matriculation and Graduation/Convocation).