As part of efforts to develop a unique virtual learning environment, Marshalls has commenced the requisite instruction of possibly the world’s most trafficked programming language platform, Code, to boost its Technological knowledge of her students. Code is a special computer science programme developed by the US-based organization of the same name aimed at expanding literacy in coding or computer language programming.  An estimated 90% of schools don’t teach computer science or computer programming and Marshalls is proud to join the minor community of academic institutions which do.

As Marshalls continues to pummel its wings for a flight into the top echelons in academia, there are ongoing enterprises being undertaken to revamp the Marshalls academic structure. Marshalls has already adopted the UNESCO standards of teaching and learning, and the code is the latest platform introduced at Marshalls to augment the facility. We at Marshalls believe that a Marshalls graduate, in addition to acquired knowledge, must possess the requisite technological and practical skills to succeed in an evolving technological world.

The Marshalls Code curriculum is designed as an obligatory extra-curricular international certification programme for all students of Marshalls, irrespective of which school an individual belongs to. Students from the Marshalls School of Technology, School of Modern Languages, School of Arts and Social Sciences and the J.S. Addo Business School have all been drafted onto the Marshalls workstation for coding instructional sessions.

As Marshalls runs systematic round-the-clock programmes, each student is required to spend about two [2] hours daily on the Code, with their input monitored and evaluated by our team of supervisors on a Code workstation exclusive to Marshalls. The curriculum is an instructional system dedicated to helping the learner comprehend how a computer works and how it thinks.  The objective at the end of year one is to get each student at Marshalls gain a certain level of programming literacy and be able to write and develop personalized programmes and coding language.

Marshalls is also expected to launch a new club for its Coding community christened the Marshalls Coding Academy [MCA]. As part of the initiatives of the club, the MCA will launch a citywide coding instruction campaign in academic and corporate institutions, albeit senior high school-focused. The club will instruct registered members and volunteers in simplified code programming courses and hold special workshops at the mega Information Centre facility on the soon-to-be-completed ultra-modern Marshalls edifice at Odorkor, Accra-Ghana.

Senior instructor, Mr. Dickson Omari, himself a certified graduate of the Code, told this reporter that the course is gaining popularity amongst both students and staff because of its optimized instructional configuration. He noted that the initiative was to ensure that the average Marshalls student possessed the appropriate skills to surmount paradigm IT challenges. The course will enable the learner write a computer programme, build sophisticated games, programme virtual robots and acquire java script literacy.

Code is one of the most patronized computer science and computer programming resources today. Hundreds of thousands of people across global educational spectrums use the code daily and nearly one million [100,000,000] people worldwide have attempted at least an hour of code. Amongst its prominent clients and advocators are the current President of the United States, Mr. Barrack Obama, Maryssa Meyer, CEO of Yahoo, Susanne Wojcicki, CEO of YouTube, and the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg. Marshalls is fortunate to be listed in the same bracket as these prominent individuals and distinguished IT brands.

We at Marshalls share the Code vision of centralizing computer science as an essential feature of the school curriculum. We know that the future of the world belongs to Science and IT. Like the Vice president of Marshalls, Mr. Mike K. Arthur puts it, “IT education is worth more than oil and gas. We believe that an individual with the requisite skills in IT and computer science is more likely to impact the world and make more gains than any other professional.”

Marshalls is dedicated to providing the highest standards of teaching and learning. The institution intends to adopt the best cultural practices in modern education to develop the thinking abilities and creative skills of its students, enhance their problem solving skills and ultimately add value to the fibre of the next generation of professionals educated here at Marshalls.


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