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Marshalls College held its third matriculation and convocation ceremony this year at the institution’s Accra Campus. About 86 students were matriculated into the School of Arts and Social Sciences- the faculty that runs Marshalls’ flagship Hospitality and Tourism programme. Marshalls also runs three other schools; the School of Modern Languages, the J.S. Addo Business School and the School of Technology.


The event itself opened with an order of matriculation procession and brief introduction of guests. Among the dignitaries present were Dr. Tetteh Nettey, Founder and Group President of the Meridian-Marshalls Holdings, Prof. Benony Kortatsi and Mr. Mike K. Arthur, President and Vice President of Marshalls respectively, Professors D.E.K. Amenumey and Rev. Allen Okomeng-Mensah, past and present Board Chairmen of Marshalls respectively, as well as members of the J.S. Addo scholarship foundation’s Board of Trustees. Ms. Ellen Glaser, Stanford University’s SEED coach to Marshalls, Mawuena Trebarh, the director of the Ghana Investments Promotion Council [GIPC], Rev. Professor George K. Ennen, a leading luminary of African academia, also graced the august occasion.


Rev. Professor Allen Okomeng-Mensah, President of the Marshalls Board of Governors, gave the welcome address. In his speech, he welcomed dignitaries, faculty, students and friends of Marshalls to the 3rd matriculation and convocation ceremony. The Reverend Chairman concluded by urging new matriculants to observe good academic practices in order to excel at Marshalls.


Professor D.E.K. Amenumey, the former chairman of the Marshalls board, also took his turn to introduce the new president of Marshalls to the gathering. He cited his contributions to academia spanning several decades in various Ghanaian universities, as well as service to Ghana as the coordinator, consultant and then Chief Research Scientist (Equivalent of a full University Professor) at the CSIR, progressing from there to second the Ministry of Environment Science and Technology as the Director of Science, Technology and Innovation.


The newly inducted president of Marshalls, Prof. Benoni Kortatsi, in his maiden address since assuming the Marshalls presidency welcomed all freshmen to Marshalls. He urged them to take advantage of the learning environment and opportunities available at Marshalls to impact positively on society. He also took advantage of the opportunity to enlighten congregants on some of Marshalls’ achievements over the past year. Prof. Kortatsi revealed that significant developments had been made on Marshalls’ 110 acre lakefront property at Akosombo. He disclosed that Marshalls was determined to make its Akosombo campus a hub in Academics and ICT for Africa.


The Marshalls president also revealed that Marshalls had secured fruitful partnerships with the British High Commission, the Mexican Embassy and Stanford University through the Stanford SEED programme. Marshalls is set to receive supplies for its library while staff are already benefiting from Stanford SEED’s world class training programme. In academics, Marshalls has adopted world class learning methods through the implementation of the e-learning platform. Female students of the Marshalls School of Technology also developed mobile applications for nursing and expectant mothers for the United Nations [UN] as part of this year’s International Girls in ICT Day. He charged the entire Marshalls community, especially faculty members and students, to focus on putting in their all in order to lift the College to a global scale.


The first Guest Speaker for the event, Rev. Professor George K. Ennen, quoted from Prof DEK Amenumey’s literature, Challenges of Education in Ghana in the 21st century, to drum home his point that students needed to develop sound academic practices and discipline in order to make a difference at the tertiary level. He urged students to read wide, acquire relevant information, develop leadership skills and lean towards intuitional adjustment. Rev. Prof. Ennen also gave a brief history of Marshalls and explained the symbols of Marshalls. “To me, these symbols of Marshalls emphasise love and selflessness,” he continued, “it should teach us that whether as students or workers, we should meet the obligations our nation asks of us, we should set high standards for ourselves, especially at the workplace, and we should encourage innovation and new ideas in order to achieve something significant.”


Mrs. Mawuena Adzo Trebarh, the CEO of the Ghana Investments Promotion Centre [GIPC], while addressing congregants at the 3rd Marshalls Convocation ceremony congratulated the matriculating class for making it through a rigorous process of admission. She advised all freshmen to be intentional in their academic pursuits. In her brief but excellent presentation, she recalled local and international entrepeneurs which made a difference by challenging the status quo and pursuing higher targets while in school. “Have a strong, moral campus. Ensure that you turn your weaknesses into strengths, and be innovative if you want to make an impact in this competitive world.” She remarked, while disclosing student opportunity packages accessible to Marshalls students from GIPC.


After the Heads of Faculty of the various schools under Marshalls presented students of their distinct schools, the Vice President of Marshalls, Mr. Mike Arthur, led the matriculating class to take the oath of matriculation. Dr. Tetteh Nettey, outgone president of Marshalls, also awarded certificates to distinguished student groups and individuals who had excelled in sport and academics for Marshalls. Among the recipients of these awards were the Marshalls Basketball team, the current champions of the PUSAG and AYBO Games, and the African Ladies in ICT [ALICT] which both represented Marshalls with distinction in different capacities. Dr. Nettey admonished all students to commit their talents and potentials towards achieving great things for themselves and Marshalls. He assured the students that Marshalls was committed to investing in talents development.


The Matriculants signed the matriculation register before Rev. Allen Okomeng-Mensah drew the curtains on a splendid but brief matriculation and convocation ceremony. This year’s ceremony spanned about two hours and was held at the forecourt of the Amenumey building on Marshalls’ Odorkor campus.






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